Kissed By A Moonbeam


Silver Moon Winery proudly produces a wide range of wine styles and flavors to tempt any taste bud and please every palate. We offer an array of wines from sweet whites to dry reds, plus dessert wines and more.

Sweet White
Calypso White, Strawberry Blonde, Starry White, Diamond and Eve's Delight (Seasonal)
Sweet Blush
 Watermelon Blush and Razzle Dazzle
Sweet Red
Blueberry Red, Black Cherry Red, Romance Red, Blackberry Red, Cranberry Red, Orange Blossom Red
White Wine
Schotzie White, Luna Bianca, Cayuga White, Pinot Grigio, Traminette and Sauvignon Blanc
Blush Wine
Blushing Moon
Red Wine
Midnight Red, Magnifico Italiano, Luna Rossa, Siciliano Red, Blood of Zeus, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot
Dessert Wines
Blackberry Night Cap, Black Cherry Nightcap, Chocolate Cherry Dream, Chocolate Raspberry Dream, and
Fire & Ice

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