Silver Moon Winery was founded in 2004, after Ken and Judy Eschbacher were inspired to open their own winery when, after receiving a bottle of custom-labeled wine. They became fascinated by the wine making process. Ken and Judy did extensive research, learning about wine-making and the ins and outs of a winery, including all steps to make the wine itself, as well as bottling, and labeling. After a year learning all they could about the business, Ken and Judy made the leap and opened Silver Moon Winery.

When the business began, Silver Moon Winery was focused on education, teaching people how to make their own wine. In 2007, the winery moved to its current location in Dover, Ohio and changed focus. Since then, Silver Moon Winery has been all about making wine! All of our wines are made with juice imported from major grape and wine regions around the world.

Today, we make and sell over 40 styles of wines. Our repertoire includes sweet wines, a local favorite, crisp whites, and bold reds. We also produce a number of delicious dessert wines. In 2010, we began distributing our wines in shops around the area. In addition to our wine tastings and sales at the winery, Silver Moon Winery bottles can now be found in over 300 stores throughout Ohio! Visit our location link to find our wine near you.